When our founders helped pioneer the online traffic school industry back in 1998, they knew that what they were creating would change traffic school and distance learning forever. But in 2014 when they decided to create a traffic school for only $5, nobody expected that it would explode and become the industry disruptor that it is. People didn't believe it could be done nor that it could be sustainable. Having never seen anything like this before, DMV officials, friendly competitors, and students alike would ask, "But is it really $5?" To which we would say, "Absolutely!"

Guided by our dedication to a high quality experience at an unbelievably low cost, California drivers embraced us and we became the biggest disruption to the online traffic school industry since it began in 1998. Great news for California!


We have to admit our reasons for doing this are kind of selfish - we live and work in California, and so do all the people we love including all of you. And we are doing our part to make it as safe a driving environment as we can.

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